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We have experience helping many job seekers find suitable positions so we will have seen the career paths of many before you. This means you will reap the benefits of our experience.

By changing your job, we believe it will have a positive impact on both your career and life, and we’re committed to helping make this happen.

What to expect from us

Finding and successfully placing you into your ideal role isn’t simply a case of matching up your CV with job descriptions. It’s a complex and considered process, and we will use our expertise to make the most of every stage:

· Since our first goal is to get you interviews with the organisations of your choice, we will assess your skills, personality and career aspirations in order to produce an effective CV for you. Before you come in, you may want to have a look at our CV advice to help you make a start.

· Once your CV is ready, we will show you vacancies that match your skills and aspirations and give you an insight into the recruiting organisation's culture.

· If there aren’t any vacancies that interest you, another approach is to draw up a list of companies that you're interested in – regardless of whether or not they are recruiting. We can then approach them on a speculative basis, either with full disclosure of your identity or on an anonymous basis.

· Whether your application is speculative or in response to a vacancy, our aim is to get you an interview. Should you succeed, we will get you fully up to speed with all the available information about the organisation. This isn’t limited to just corporate literature. We have a lot of insight from regular visits and briefings with our clients and from the candidates and contractors that we’ve previously placed in roles.

· We will also tell you what to expect from the interview and give you coaching if you need it – particularly if you are unfamiliar with Competency Based Interviewing (CBI), an increasingly common approach to assessing skills.

What we will expect from you

· Most employers call us with feedback within an hour of conducting a first interview so it’s imperative that you provide us with your impressions of the interview as soon as you can.

· If your feedback is positive and you’re interested in the position, we will relay that enthusiasm to the employer. And if any questions or even misunderstandings have also arisen from the interview, we will resolve them.

· Following initial meetings and interviews, we will contact you whenever there’s news from an employer. It’s important that you both agree a suitable framework for ongoing contact so you’re both completely up to date with each other’s circumstances.


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