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Johannesburg, South Africa, Africa
Career Level:
Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Job type:
Full time
R700,000 p/a


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The Position:

Our clients require an Operations Manager who will be responsible for the Operation and Management of their Operations systems.



R700,000 p/a





Qualifications and experience:

- Matric

- Degree in Engineering or BCS

- At least 5 years’ relevant experience

- Fluency in English


Inherent job requirements:

- To be rigorous stable

- Reliable

- Communication skills (Verbal and written)

- Good relational

- Analytical ability

- General Math skills

- Reporting Research Result

- Dealing with Complexity

- Presentation Skills

- Verbal Communication

- Written Communication Drafting

- Analytical Tools, Attention to Detail

- Innovation

- Autonomous


Job Description

- Responsible for the operation and management of Operations systems (Management Information System, Availability Software Module, QlikView, Customer Service, Card registrations, Staff attendance, OCC systems, etc.)

- Responsible for the operation and management of the Automatic Fare Collection System

- Maintain and improve contractual and non-contractual performance results.

- Coordinate and perform quality and performance investigations as well as the preparation of answers to Province or BCC queries and letters with regard to here above systems (Operation and AFC)

- Management of Snag List, Warranty and Latent Defect Notification for Operations System

- Coordinate actions within Operations division and other divisions; review open issues and action items; contribute to team meetings and reports;

- Review, develop, recommend, and implement policies, practices, procedures.

- May train new staff members in processes and procedures

- May answer to third-party communication


- Any other duties that are assigned.


Job keywords/tags:  operational , systems , manager , ops manager , systems manager
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