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Centurion, South Africa, Africa
Career Level:
Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
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Full time
R35,000 p/m

Project Manager - Construction

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Project Manager - Construction


R35,000 p/m




Minimum Requirements for position:

- Experience working on Commercial Construction sites is essential

- Ability to command respect of the workers through knowledge, fairness and example while at the same time being very assertive and driven

- High energy levels and the ability to multi-task in an organized and highly efficient manner

- Attention to detail, especially with regards to finishing work, structural integrity and foresight

- Excellent levels of communication; ensuring that customers, site-supervisors, workers and the office are all on the same page

- Building or related market experience is highly preferred, however this is not the main focus – real management & project skills are!

- High level of integrity and honesty is crucial, and the candidate must be very hard working and have a positive nature

- Additional requirements: logical, methodical, high level of interest, strong operationally, pro-active, achiever and dynamic


- Managing work-force on the various building sites valued between R10m – R15m.

- Implement efficient project plan and time-line schedule for all projects, and ensure that deadlines are met

- Pro-active management of each site, with twice daily inspections / site visits

- Remote update of progress through email reporting / update and photos

- Liaising with clients (including the professional handling of difficult clients) : feedback on work / progress, technical and finishing recommendations, variations, etc

- Co-ordination of material orders for each site, optimized and actively managed to reduce number of site deliveries

- Management and control of tools & equipment at site, as well as consumable stock (ensure no shrinkage)

- Ensure that sites are run to the highest standards (including health & safety)

- Active participation, involvement and organization of staff development and training


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