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Edenvale, South Africa, Africa
Career Level:
Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
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Full time
R30,000 p/m

Factory / Production Manager

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Factory / Production Manager – Edenvale


- A senior position to manage all factory issues on behalf of management

- To oversee all manufacturing functions – (All processes on the factory floor)


R30,000 p/m (neg)

Organisational Relationship:

The Manufacturing Manager reports directly to the Managing Director

- When leaving the factory premises for whatever reason, you are kindly required to inform management

Functional Relationships:

- With the Quality Controller on all matters concerning the quality system

- With the Planning Manager on all production matters, scheduling of manufacturing and liaising on customer’s specific requirements (i.e. trimming, inserting, testing etc.)

- With the Raw Materials Supervisor and Planning Manager the following:

    • Plastic raw material
    • Pigments and Master batches
    • Inserts, seats, stems etc..

- Co-ordinate with every department to improve management efficiency and problem solving capability

- With the tool-setters/supervisors on all plastic processing functions


- To oversee all aspects of manufacturing

- To oversee customer orders so that they are manufactured and delivered on time – Daily meeting with Planning Manager

- To oversee all manufacturing operations in accordance to the approved procedure

    • accurate cycle times as per costing sheets
    • correct material being used as per costing sheets
    • correct pigment/master batch being used as per costing sheet
    • be present when ever the factory works on the weekends

- Be present at machine during ALL tool changes during the day, until “ALL” tool setters are adequately trained and fully capable to carry out the function on their own

- Ensure that all occupational health and safety standards are met within the factory

- To ensure that production budgets are achieved

    • Any factory related purchase to have an official requisition, signed by a Director
    • Any Service Agent requirements are to be discussed first with a Director
    • Assist during insert changes, unless the tool setter is fully au fait with the operation and the mould and inserts are adequately marked
    • Storing of all slides and inserts is to be reviewed, management expects these to all be clearly marked and stored in marked containers on specified shelves. These are to be oiled before storage so as to avoid rusting.
    • Carry out small repairs and maintenance work. If repairs and maintenance of a mould requires the tool makers intervention, management must be advised prior to his engagement.

- An accurate maintenance record is to be kept for all machines on the floor. Files will be provided and “ALL” maintenance and repair work is to be documented with dates in these files.

- To continually review the manufacturing operations including human resources and develop continuous improvement plans so that productivity and quality are improved

    • You are expected to continually motivate and train your staff
      • Submit to management a yearly skills development plan
    • You are expected to have a respectful relationship with all staff, no personal affairs and no losing of your temper within the factory. This is a management position and is to be led by example.

- Report any issues that adversely affect the manufacturing operations to the Managing Director

    • Problematic staff
    • Problematic machinery
    • Ineffective procedures / departments

- Assist in the Quality Plans and procedures

    • Assist QC department in their function
      • Create check lists
      • Continually follow the QC’s activities and make sure the his/her department is functioning satisfactorily
      • Ensure that the manufacturing activities always meet the requirements of the company quality system and specified standards.

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