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Sandton, South Africa, Africa
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Investment Analyst

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Investment Analyst – Sandton



Minimum Requirements & Responsibilities for position:

· CA (SA or Masters in Investment Finance or an Engineering degree with a CFA/ MBA qualification

· A CFA qualification will be advantageous

· Stable career history

The key function of the position of Investment Analyst is to conduct investment research and analysis, to make long term investment decisions and identify and take investment opportunities that will protect and grow the portfolios managed by Oasis. The candidate must conduct detailed due diligences and be able to perform detailed fundamental equity analysis and valuation, including ratio analysis. The analyst must be able to produce accurate long term forward looking forecasts using all available information. The candidate will be expected to work in an environment of strict accountability and within the mandates, rules and parameters of the investment process.


Fundamental Analysis:

· Take complete ownership and responsibility for the companies and sector that you are responsible for.

· Ensure that investment decisions recommended by you that are approved, you follow through completely and ensure execution across our model and clients’ portfolios.

· Ensure that the companies you are responsible for that their analysis are regularly updated and maintained.

· Generate new ideas and make recommendations.

· Undertake detailed analysis and accounting and business valuations of listed and unlisted securities with a view to making a long term investment decision which is ratified by the Investment Committee.

· Interact with Senior Business Leaders and Company Management in conjunction with the Senior Equity Analyst.

· Conduct investment research and analysis.

· Identify investment opportunities to protect and grow portfolios.

· Perform detailed fundamental equity analysis, valuation and ratio analysis using stochastic and financial modelling.

· Research and analyze companies and the industries in which they operate in.

· Prepare investment reports on companies which address all the pertinent issues relating to the company in order to arrive at an appropriate decision.

· Undertake comprehensive evaluation and analysis under the mentorship and guidance of your seniors to ensure that a thorough due diligence is conducted before the firm undertakes an investment into a security on behalf of its client.

· Involves the primary use of fundamental valuation skills such as:

· Prepared and evaluation of Long Term history.

· Detailed financial analysis of financial performance and financial position of the company through evaluation of annual report which include but not limited to the Balance Sheets, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, and Statement of Changes in Equity of the company.

· Use good communication skills; be sufficiently and adequately prepared and confident to handle interactions with Management at the highest level.

· Quantify risks relative to the expected return of an investment.

· Evaluate the impact of changes in macro and micro economic variable and its implications on the risk and return profile of a security.

· Evaluate regional and global developments and trends within the specific industry and quantify its implications with regard to future risk and returns of a security.

· Prepare long term sheets and analyse history of a company over a long term period, this will include the analysis of Financial Stats, financial Profitability, valuation, operating and Efficiency measures of a company in relation to the market, its peers and its history.

· Evaluate long term history and numerical data issued by companies.

· Ensure that procedure manuals are regularly maintained and kept up to date.

· Ensure that meeting notes and action points well documented and filed accordingly.

· Ensure that you use resources available (such us Bloomberg and Inet) to assist your decisions making process.

Daily Morning Meeting

· Ensure you attend the Daily Morning Meeting, chaired by the CIO or a senior member of the investment team and provided a report back on any events from the previous day including but not limited to Management Meetings with companies, Results Presentations of companies, Information obtained from the media (newspapers/Bloomberg etc), Economic data released, Market update.

· Ensure that you are adequately prepared to report and provide substantive feedback in the meeting.

· Ensure that you follow up and successfully execute the action points agreed in the meetings.

· Strategic and model portfolio meetings

· Provide input into the strategic investment committee meetings which take place on a quarterly basis.

· Ensure that you have done proper due diligence and applied detailed reviews of the reports in preparation to the strategic and model portfolio meeting and that the quality of the analysis and the recommendations are of an exceptional quality.

Corporate actions

· Ensure that you make detailed recommendations on each resolution and/or corporate action proposed.

· Prepare a formalized report and ensure that the proposed proxy votes are implemented in accordance with the Proxy Voting and Corporate Actions policy.

· Evaluated the necessary documents in order to make a considered decision (eg. Read the Memorandum of Incorporation where the matter relates to a change in governance structures. etc.)

· Ensure that environment, social and governance considerations have been incorporated into the decision making process in accordance with the CRISA and UNPRI policies.


· Ensure that all systems remain up to date, and models are updated on the system and it is the analysts responsibility to report to the CIO after conducting periodic reviews that all information is up to date.

· Ensure that investment decisions recommended by the analyst which are approved are followed through completely and ensure execution across our model and clients portfolios.

· Ensure that you use the systems available optimally and enhance the usage of the system such us Decalog, Xamin, Inet Bloomberg Thompson Reuters to assist in your decision making process

· Ensure that procedure manuals are followed at all times, and regularly maintained when applicable.

Planning and scheduling

· Ensure that the investment calendar for the year ahead for all companies covered within the applicable sector is comprehensively maintained, including but not limited to Quarterly, Bi-Annual, Annual global & local company reporting dates, AGM dates, Management Meeting dates, Global Economic Data releases, Local Economic Data releases, Investment and Quarterly Strategic Committee Meetings.

Idea Generation

· Generate your own investment ideas, make recommendation based on analysis and adequate due diligence done by you and motive why further research should be conducted if necessary.

· You must ensure that meeting notes and action points are well documented and filed accordingly.


· Management reporting and/or reporting to the CIO must include an executive summary with an analysis supporting the executive summary based on the company internal requirements. Where an issue is highlighted then the report must contain suggestions for resolution of the issue.

· Ensure that you timeously prepare and submit your investment reports to the Investment Committee with your recommendations. The report must include the investment report and presentation, quantitative report, technical reports.

· Ensure that your presentation is well prepared and delivered to the Investment Committee.

· Ensure detail working is prepared to support your investment report and covers analysis on peer group companies, industry factors, macro and micro economics variable and impacts, geopolitical factors are considered, analysis and quantify the risks.

Reports to Manager Investment Operation & CIO

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