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Johannesburg, South Africa, Africa
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Senior (5+ years of experience)
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Full time
R600,000 p/a

Group Shared Service Manager - Creditors Background

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 Group Shared Service Manager  - Creditors Background


Our client is looking to employ a group shared service manager with strong experience in credit control.


Minimum Requirements for position:

·   Diploma / degree in finance or credit management or equivalent

·   Good understanding of National Credit Act essential

·   Have a minimum of ten years experience in a credit management or shared service position;

·   Have excellent communication skills and demonstrated management experience;

·   Be able to work under pressure

·    Be assertive, trustworthy, flexible and have good planning and organisational skills;


Key Roles & Responsibilities will include:

·   Set up and manage a central group shared service department of 13 staff for accounts receivable and accounts payable

·   Consolidate 10 individual debtors and creditors ledger into one group ledger

·   Accounts receivable

·   Professionally manage credit risk in accordance with guidelines from management;

·   Establish and maintain group credit policies & procedures;

·   Approve all new credit applications and credit limit extensions in terms of policy;

·   Apply for and monitor CGIC cover as per policy;

·   Approve release of blocked orders in terms of policy;

·   Ensure collections are processed timeously and accurately on remittances received from customers;

·   Ensure settlement discounts are granted correctly;

·   Ensure statements are correct and reach customers timeously;

·   Ensure master file is correctly reflected in the system as per approved and signed credit application;

·   Review of all reconciliations to ensure accuracy of accounts;

·   Sign off on monthly bank reconciliation confirming that all deposits have been accurately allocated in the system and amounts balance;

·   Calculate monthly provision for doubtful debt;

·   Liaise with CGIC or legal council on all bad debt handed over to ensure monies recovered where possible;

·   Conduct monthly meetings with sales and plant personnel to co-ordinate focused collections and timely processes in the plants;

·   Accounts payable

·   Liaising with suppliers as and when required;

·   Daily liaising with operations around the country to resolve queries;

·   Review and sign off all supporting documentation for payments;

·   Ensure VAT compliance of all invoices received;

·   Ensure all payments are made against statement and correct reconciled to X3;

·   Prepare weekly and monthly payment runs as per agreed time table;

·   General

·   Balance the Age Analysis’s to GL monthly and submit recon to FD;



The ideal candidate can expect a salary between R550,000 – R600,000 p/a





As this position is urgent our client is looking to conduct interviews within the next few days so please send your CV through to ASAP.


Ref: GSS110


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