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Johannesburg, South Africa, Africa
Career Level:
Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
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Full time
R28,000 p/m

Project Manager - Aluminium and Glass Industry

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Project Manager - Aluminium and Glass Industry

Location: JHB South

Salary: R28,000 p/m


- Supervision of Fixing Teams: supervise fixing teams daily from factory

- Liaise with site foreman regarding site progress and all relevant changes

- Supervising all fixing teams on site.


Production Meetings:

- Meeting with management team

- Allocation of fixing teams

- Reporting back to management regarding progress of jobs at hand.

- Measuring Sites and plan



- Attend site meetings

- Take all available measurements on site

- Discuss with drawing office site measurements and solve any queries

- Place orders for any replacement glass and other items confirm with factory all items required for sites - namely shop fronts, windows, louvers etc.

- Send letter of communication to other contractors confirming relevant changes/problems related issues.


Site Supervision:

- Visit all allocated sites to monitor progress seek solutions to problems that occur during installation.

- Make sure the quality is of an acceptable level.

Must have 5-10 years experience in the Aluminum Industry.

Job keywords/tags:  project , manager , aluminium , glass
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