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Johannesburg, South Africa, Africa
Career Level:
Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
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Full time
R8,000 p/m

Administrative Assistant

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Administrative Assistant – JHB CBD


Our clients are looking to recruit an admin assistant to work closely with management in the day to day running of the business.


Location: JHB CBD


Salary:  R8,000 p/m



- Excel and Word

- Good communicational skills with clients.

- Must be good in managing the technicians with no nonsense attitude.




A/C Reports

- Blank reports are printed on the last week of each month

- Technicians pick up reports, complete service and return signed off reports

- Keep track for returned reports - To be returned by 20th of each month

- All reports are summarized on excel and forwarded for quoting

- Reports are scanned and forwarded to relevant building portfolio managers

Chiller & Oil Reports

- Chiller log reports are done on a monthly Basis

- All information is captured and tracked on excel

- Oil sample reports are done on a quarterly period

- These reports are also captures and tracked on excel.


Electrical - LT HT / Generator

-Depending on the service schedule, notify the buyer as to all sub-contractor orders needed

- Email all relevant documentation to the sub-contractors.

- All services are tracked on excel.


Call Outs / Complaints

-Client contacts me for a call out / complaint

- Technician is informed of the call out with all relevant details

- Notify client on job status

- Technician reports back with callout / complaint

- Liaise with technician to confirm if repairs are required and verify quantity and parts.


- If any further work is required prepare the draft quotation

- Once we receive an official order a job card is opened

- Order and track Material

- Confirm delivery date and start of job

- Notify client as to progress of job and stock

- Confirm job completion date

- Close job cards once done

- All documentation is scanned and forwarded to relevant parties

- Follow up with all relevant parties once completed.

- Oversee all opened job cards and keep track of their status.

- Technicians report their hours

- Compile overtime sheet and forward them to management for confirmation.

- Handle any discrepancies or queries with regards to overtime from technicians

Costing and quoting

- In addition to the above job costing and quoting on the small repairs will need to be done. All info required will be obtained from the technicians and will be prepared in the form of a motivation form before the work can be quoted.

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